Elevate Win Rainbow Six Invitational and Future of the Xbox Scene

Tue 7th Feb 2017 - 6:07pm : General

Over the weekend, Elevate competed in multiple intense matches as well as making history at the Rainbow Six Siege Invitational. It was Elevate's first and last LAN as a team. The team entered this event full of confidence that they could achieve a high finish. This proved to be true as Elevate finished in first place, beating team Vitality in the Grand Finals and bringing Elevate its first Championship of 2017.

Elevate’s first match was in the Semi-Finals against Supremacy. Elevate was able to start off swinging with a convincing  5-1 map one win on Oregon. Though starting off strong Supremacy was able to strike back in map two with a 5-1 of their own on Skyscraper, but Elevate proved to be too strong, winning the final map 5-3 on Chalet securing our spot into the Grand Finals. Afterward when asked about playing either Lethal or Vitality in Finals Skys commented; “We are very confident, we have a great group and we experienced our first match together on LAN and we definitely learned a lot and will prepare and be ready for either team”.

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It sure showed that they were ready when they had to face team Vitality in the Grand Finals. In maps Consulate and Bank, we took two ferocious wins with a total round count of 10-0 making Elevate the only team to ever sweep a series in Finals history and crowning us the Rainbow Six Siege Invitational Champions for the Xbox One. Throughout the entire tournament, it was said to be a revenge story back from Season 2 Finals in Poland, and the guys did not disappoint.

Sadly like we stated in our opening statement this would also be the last event the Elevate roster would participate in as a whole. ESL have come out and decided to move from a 2-platform Pro League, to a single PC focused Pro League. With a new focus for Year Two, the Pro League will now exclusively be held on PC. This has not gone with quite a bit of backlash from the Xbox community though. Many personalities and fans within the community argue that Xbox pulled in much more viewership along with having more teams sign up for tournaments. This choice by ESL has many Xbox pros wondering where their future is in Rainbow Six Siege, many have already stated that they will no longer be competing if it required switching. Elevate has yet to comment on the future of its players though Skys did comment; "It's amazing to finally win a Championship for Rainbow Six but it's such a sad feeling knowing that Xbox is gone".

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Make sure to congratulate the Rainbow team and follow along with all the action by keeping up to date with the Elevate, and Rainbow Six. We are the #RedRebellion. #WeAreElevate











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