eLevate and Exertus Become One

Fri 22nd Aug 2014 - 4:40am : General

To all our fans; past, present and future!

Exertus eSports is no more.

This is, however, far from the end. The essence of the organization will live on under a new banner: that of Team eLevate. First of all the nature of this transition should be explained- that which constitutes Exertus currently: its teams, its management hierarchy and all of its achievements will all transfer intact into eLevate, meaning that in practice at face value there will be no difference between Exertus and eLevate except for the name itself. Furthermore the current CEO of eLevate will be taking the role of COO in the revamped organization, with our very own Brandon "MaDDoG" Hatfield retaining the reins in the CEO chair. This will be the only management addition.

Why are we doing this? We feel that Exertus as an entity is evolving, and is finally on the cusp of reaching international greatness; right now we have half a dozen top 10 teams competing all over the world, each of which fully capable of taking those results into the realm of top 3 within their respective disciplines. We feel that this is a monumental landmark for Exertus, and also where Exertus as a brand reaches its limits. What images does the name "Exertus" really conjure up except for an odd rendition of the patterns on a Crysis nanosuit? Realistically, we in the management have wanted to rebrand to something more approachable for a reasonable length of time now, and we feel that there could not be a more auspicious moment than this to carry out that change.

The second reason is universally comprehensible to all: funding. Under the new structure, and with access to the resources currently possessed by eLevate, which we will add to our own, we will have access to far greater capital than we currently do, thus enabling us to send our teams to more events, win more money, gain more sponsorships and get the cycle rolling faster still. It is a case of simple economics; more income equals more outcome, and we fully intend to reap these benefits and use them to grow our brand further and faster alongside a veritable army of partners that we have entered into business with over the last few years.

So what does this all boil down to?  In practice, Exertus eSports is undergoing a name change. The effects of this merger are as simple as that- the teams and personalities you all know and (hopefully) love will all remain, with the only differences being the logo and name they play under and the amount of resources available to them. It should be noted, for those interested, that this merger will make us one of the largest eSports organizations in the world with regards the number of teams we have playing at a top 10 level- a fact that all of us here in the organization are extremely proud of. We hope that you are all as excited about this change as we are and will join us as we raise ourselves from being merely a "proven" unit, to a truly exceptional and elevated status.

Let the games begin!



Matt Wiley

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