Elevate Rainbow Six Dethrone cTm In Week 3 Pro League

Thu 20th Apr 2017 - 12:19am : General

On Monday, Elevate was in search of their second win in the Rainbow Six Siege PC Pro League with their long awaited rematch against reigning champs in Continuum, but unlike last time, they would have their secret weapon back in LaXInG. Leading up to the match, LaXInG would emphasize the importance of team chemistry and it would seem to work with Elevate not only taking the series 2-1, but dropping Continuum out of the remainder of the Rainbow Six Siege Pro League.

With a thirst for vengeance from Week 1, Elevate came out swinging on Map 1 Kafe with a swift 3-1 lead. Elevate coming out this strong against the champions even shocked the commentators, but Elevate was not done yet as they would win two straight rounds and take Kafe 5-1. Elevate was on the edge of making Rainbow Six Siege history yet again by knocking the reigning champions out of the Pro League.

With their Pro League lives on the line Continuum would not let Elevate sweep them much like Team Ominous had the week before. During the picks and bans Elevate would give Continuum a chance to play on Oregon. This decision seemed questionable due to the fact that it is known to be one of the team's best maps. This proved to be unfortunately true with Continuum sweeping Elevate 5-0 on Map 2 Oregon.

Going into Map 3 Consulate, both teams were in fear of losing their chances to make LAN for this season of Pro League. We would see Continuum come out very strong and going up 2-0, but Elevate was not yet ready to just let their journey from Xbox to PC end quite yet. The two initial rounds for Continuum would be the last for their Pro League Season with Elevate coming back and winning five straight rounds and winning Map 3 Consulate 5-2.

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Drake Lockard

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