Rainbow Six Siege Pro League Week 4 Recap

Thu 27th Apr 2017 - 9:49pm : General

On Tuesday, Elevate was in search of securing their spot in the Year 2 Season 1 Finals LAN event. Prior to the matchup, player Emilio “Geo” Cuevas would be subject to an in the game bug which prevented him from participating in this week's match. As of result, we would be playing with former Xbox player Bosco. Though the newly converted player had a solid outing, but unfortunately Elevate would fall short against their scrim partners Vertical Gaming (formerly known as eRa Eternity) in a hard fought series.

Going into Map 1 Consulate, neither team was in favor to win due to the fact both have performed fairly well on this map in their past respective matches. This proved to be true as it was a hard back and forth battle of offensive rounds putting the map count at 4-3, Elevate would stop the lack of defensive wins and pull off the final round win and taking Map 1 Consulate 5-3.

Sadly, that would be the last map Elevate would win in this series. Map 2 would be played on Clubhouse. Though Elevate put up a hard fight, they would fall 3-5 after putting up a decent comeback. Map 3 Border, on the other hand, would not go as well as the previous matches. Elevate would fall to Vertical Gaming 5-1 on Border sending Elevate to a lower bracket to play against Team Ominous for one last chance to enter into the Year 2 Season 1 Finals LAN. As a final comment, the Elevate Rainbow Six Siege team would like to announce that after playing with their former Xbox teammate Bosco, he will permanently be replacing Geo for the foreseen future.

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Drake Lockard

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