Elevate Rainbow Six Secure Spot at Poland After Week 5 Pro League

Fri 5th May 2017 - 6:02pm : General

On Monday, Elevate was in pursuit of the last North American spot at the Year 2 Season 1 Pro League Finals LAN event in Katowice, Poland, but this would be no easy task for the Elevate roster as they would have to face a strong looking Team Ominous who had just come off the closest series in Rainbow Six League history. Elevate, even though only playing on the PC for roughly around two months, proved to be too strong and overcame adversity winning the series 2-1 and securing their spot as the final North American team for Poland.   

Going into the picks and bans we would see Ominous quickly choose Oregon as Map One. Each team held their own on the attacking side but neither could see themselves securing a defensive round even though we would see some spectacular Smoke plays out of England in the fourth and sixth rounds, but it just wasn't enough to secure the round. We would see the series by a count of 4-3 in favor of Team Ominous still with a lack of any defensive round wins from either team. Sadly, after a series of phenomenal plays by Team Ominous they would secure the first defensive and win Map One Oregon by a count of 5-3.

With Elevate’s life on the line, they would go into Map Two with Elevate’s pick on Chalet, a highly favored map for this roster. Off the bat, Team Ominous would put up a valiant fight taking the first round in a nail-biting gun fight. This would not phase Elevate as it would be the last round that Team Ominous would win with Elevate winning five straight rounds. With morale at a high after this player, England stated, “Chalet is a good map for us, we shook off the dust from Oregon and got a solid 5-1 win. The team had a lot of confidence going into Clubhouse, due to the fact we made some changes as to how we play ever since the Vertical Gaming match”.

Both teams would go into Map Three Clubhouse both nervous, as well as determined to be the third and final team representing North America in Poland. Yet again, Team Ominous would take the opening round much like the two previous maps, but it would be answered back by a great double kill in the second round by LaXInG. Elevate would also take the next three rounds until Team Ominous finally woke up and took round five and bringing the count to 4-2 in favor of Elevate, but Elevate proved to want it more by having a dominating round seven and winning the map 5-2, closing out the series 2-1, and making Elevate the final North American team to qualify for Year 2 Season 1 Pro League Finals. This was seen as an upset to the Rainbow Six community due to the fact this Elevate roster has not had much time on the PC since Xbox was cut from Pro League, but on the matter Bosco says, “Regardless of how long we’ve been on the platform, it feels amazing and well deserved. Everyone puts in time every day and everyone has the same goal in mind”. The Year 2 Season 1 Pro League Finals will have eight teams in total, both Europe and North America will have three representatives each, while Latin America will be represented by two squads. For North America, we will be joined by Flipside as well as Vertical Gaming. The tournament will take place from May 20th-21st in the ESL Arena in Katowice which already hosted a Rainbow Six: Siege event last year.

Total prize pool of the Rainbow Six Pro League this season is $237,500. $70,500 will be distributed among the teams who participated in the online stage and $167,000 will be the total prize pool of the R6PL LAN Finals. Each team that qualifies for the offline tournament is guaranteed $8,000, but other teams competing in the online stage will be rewarded as well.

Online stage prize pool:

  • 3rd place: $7,500 (only in LATAM)
  • 4th place: $6,000
  • 5-6th place: $4,500
  • 7-8th place: $3,000

LAN final prize pool:

  • 1st place: $75,000
  • 2nd place: $30,000
  • 3-4th place: $15,000
  • 5-8th place: $8,000

Make sure to show support to the Rainbow team and follow along with all the action by keeping up to date with the Elevate Twitter, and Rainbow Six for updates on our upcoming Pro League matches. We are the #RedRebellion. #WeAreElevate #LaXFact








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