Elevate is committed to ensuring a topnotch professional gaming organization through finding high-quality talent, from players to designers and managers. If you have skill as a gamer, artist, communicator, or otherwise, we may be looking for you to join our team.

Our organization is made up of personnel that fall into 3 categories: management, staff, and players.

  • Management makes up the upper level of the organization, which includes administrative decision-making, communication, marketing, sponsorship development, and personnel management. These roles include C- (Chief-) level positions as well as team and console managers.
  • Staff consists of members who support the needs of management and operation of the organization. This category includes graphics designers, staff writers, dedicated streamers, and support personnel.
  • Players make up the central purpose of the organization -- those that play on a team that regularly competes at a professional level. These are represented by our team leaders and members in any of our listed games.

The following are our current openings, listed by category:


Director of Social Media

Elevate is seeking a highly motivated and available individual to lead, direct and engage it's fanbase with a unique style.  The Director of Social Media is responsible for ensuring each event has coverage on our social media sites (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram), along with making sure that announcements, streams and advertisements are deployed in a strategic manner.  All of this is to be coordinated both through being an active leader, and strateging planning with resources.

Experience should include 1-2 years in a similar position, leading, directing and managing a social media team.  Should have experience engaging with fans in a professional manner and have well rounded knowledge of the scenes we compete in, as well as our sponsors.

Please send a copy of your resume with relevant experience, references and a cover letter to


Website Director

Elevate is seeking an experienced website manager.  The individual will be responsible for updating scores from matches to the website, managing changes to staff and team pages, and performing back office tasks through the administrative portal.  Additionally, the Website Director will be asked to generate new ideas for site improvement, and fan engagement. 


Experience should include a well-rounded knowledge of the scenes we compete in, our sponsors and have a very high attention to detail.  We rely on our Website Director to keep our website in sync with what is happening on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.  HTML knowledge is a plus, but not required.

Please send a copy of your resume with relevant experience, references and a cover letter to

Video Editor

Elevate is seeking video editors for the following titles: Rainbow 6, Starcraft 2, World of Tanks and World of Warcraft.  The Video Editor position is a dedicated staff position responsible for frequent creation of content for the Elevate YouTube channel.  Our video editors regularly create content surrounding each competitive scene in which we compete in, whether it be a montage, player interviews or highlights.  We currently have editors staffed for Call of Duty and Smite.  

The position is not monetarily compensated, but as a member of Elevate you will have access to team discounts on clothing, accessories, and gaming gear, and recognition from a top-tier competitive gaming team on your content.

To apply, submit a brief bio, containing prior video editing experience and examples of your work to There is no official close date, as we are always looking at growing the Elevate Studio team.   


Staffing for the Player category of personnel is handled by individual team leaders. If you are currently a member of a team that plays a game not listed and are interested in the vetting process for joining Elevate, contact the Elevate COO at


Stream Team

We are currently looking to expand our stream team roster! 

As a growing community, Elevate is searching for passionate individuals to join the Red Rebellion! Our stream team represents some of the best personalities on Twitch, who are dedicated to maintaining a fun and enjoyable viewing atmosphere. As a member of our family, you'll have access to certain discounts and gear from our sponsors. You'll also receive unlimited support from our organization to ensure your growth as a streamer.  Each year, we see 2-3 members of our stream team receive a partnership from Twitch!  

Please note:  We are not currently seeking additional streamers for the following titles:  Call of Duty, H1Z1.

Regarding requirements; we ask that you respect our time, have general streaming experience, and brief knowledge of Elevate as a whole. Get to know our current members at !

All applications are reviewed on the first of every month. We are interested in all forms of streamers such as: FPS (console and PC), MMO, D&D, Creative, Completion, Speedrunners, LCS, etc.

To apply, please fill out the application below.

We look forward to hearing from you!