Catching Up With Redb3ard

by Team Elevate | December 21, 2019

On Saturday, November 30th, Elevate announced that streamer "Redb3ard" would be taking on the mantle of Stream Team Manager! So we decided that we'd sit down with the man himself and see how he's feeling about the new role, what some of his new year goals are, and just overall seeing what he's all about!

Q: So recently you've been announced as the new stream team manager, how do you feel coming into a role like that?

Redb3ard: I'm stoked to have an opportunity such as this presented to myself. Elevate is a brand I've followed in Esports for quite a while. I am new to a role such as this and it has been extremely humbling to have the opportunity to help lead a brand I love so much. So, I am nervous but excited to see what the future holds.

Q: With you being in Elevate for a year now, how would say that Elevate and the people around it have affected you and vice versa?

Redb3ardElevate is an organization I've loved being a part of since day 1. I've felt at home as if I have been a part of a family. The relationships and connections I have built in the last year have been surreal and unexpected. I can't brag on my friend and colleague, Kyle enough. This is a guy who saw so much potential in me, my content and my presence within Elevate that he took a full weekend helped me do a rebrand didn't charge me anything other than me calling him my friend and helped me build the foundation of what's become the #BeardGang. Kyle, in his actions, showed me what being a member of the #RedRebellion is all about. We are a family and our objective is to grow and develop as a family. My objective as a member is to inspire others of this community to have this mindset. To grow, develop and push ourselves is the effect those surrounding me.

Q: What are your current goals for the team as the manager?

Redb3ard: My personal goals are simple. I want this to be the strongest stream team of 2020. My goal is to bring the best out of those currently involved with Elevate and further build our bond. As a streamer, I know the challenges we face daily with IRL struggles, stream management and the balance of life. I want everyone involved with our Org to know I am relatable and will always work my hardest to improve. I have a goal to build the Elevate's stream team presence up to be one of the highest desired communities to be a part of. 2020 is going to be a fun year for the #RedRebellion

Q: What does your history in gaming look like? Did you play games as a kid and what kinds? 

Redb3ard: My history of gaming? Oh boy. I don't think you have enough time for that! I started gaming when I was probably 4 or 5 years old. My very first console was a hand-me-down NES, which I still have and play. I heavily played the N64 and I would say my favorite game of all time is "Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time". My first online gaming experience was "Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare" which instantly became an addiction for me! Haha! I was that teenage punk trash-talking the MW lobbies and constantly getting in trouble for not sleeping because I was sneaking up past bedtime to play cod. I may be a "boomer" in this world of gaming, but I know the love and desire for "the grind".

Q: What are some of your hobbies outside of gaming and streaming?

Redb3ard: Well, growing up I was a left-handed pitcher and loved to skateboard. These days I try to keep up with the skateboarding culture and sometimes still cruise around. I have a beautiful girlfriend that has been extremely supportive of all of my interest in gaming/streaming so I would say keeping her entertained and trying to fully support her in all of her pursuits in life has been my favorite hobby for the last 6 or 7 years.

Q: What made you go down the path of gaming and streaming?

Redb3ard: As I mentioned I was a baseball player growing up. I was passionate about it but once I began college my "priorities" changed. I became distracted and lost focus on something I could've done so much more with. Missing out on that opportunity would easily have to be my biggest regret in life. Streaming/content creation is my second chance at doing more with my talents in something I love. In pursuing a career in gaming, streaming, and esports, even if I fail I can say I pursued something I love and learned something about life and myself along the way. Never quit only succeed or fail and learn how to not do something. I will always live by this motto. It is how we grow and become stronger.

Q: Lastly, What's your favorite movie? And why is it Die Hard?

Redb3ard: Because Die Hard is legitimate a Christmas movie! That's why it's my favorite! but in all seriousness. My favorite movie of ALL time!? Damn, that's tough. One movie I could watch on repeat would be Saving Private Ryan!