CWL Pro League Week 9 Update

by Team Elevate | June 03, 2019

Elevate 3-2 Splyce

The series may not have got on to a strong start for us; falling in Arsenal Hardpoint 245-250 and Hacienda Search and Destroy 3-6, but with a reverse sweep, we took our first win of the week. Nevertheless, we turned everything upside down and survived another map as we took Frequency control 3-1. Shortly after, it was indeed a “game 5 alert”: we soared through the hardpoint. Splyce only could find 77 seconds throughout the map series. This roster has won 5/5 maps involving Frequency so far since CWL London.

Denial Esports 1-3 Elevate

Our second match of the week ran much smoother than our battle with Splyce. We struggled yet again in our first hardpoint of the series, that being Hacienda Hardpoint 250-147 in favor of Denial Esports. However, in round 11 Search and Destroy in Payload swept us back onto our feet and we swept through the remainder of the series 3-2 on Arsenal Control and Frequency Hardpoint 250-154.

Denial has been one of the top form teams so far this week and we have been very excited to find a victory against them. We advance 2-0 in week 9.

Enigma6 Group 2-3 Elevate

Our series against Enigma6 was the fight to gain an advantage. We could not hold Arsenal Hardpoint to kick off the series, falling 250-205, but our infamous Payload Search and Destroy tied the series with a quick 3-6 on the board. Yet, the second map also held one of our favorite plays from ProFeeZy: staying within the opening of mid, alone grenade shot made it's way through and connected with both GodRx and JetLi to aid us closer to the map tie.

The fun was paused for a short period as we fell in Arsenal Control 3-0…

Another smooth Frequency Hardpoint victory kept us alive once again, taking our favorite map 250-177, but it all came down to the final Search and Destroy in Hacienda, performances from no other than Skyz truly pushed towards our third and final victory of this week.

I caught up with MRuiz on his thoughts about what’ will be ahead for Elevate in week 10: “We play the top half of division B, and it is going to be a lot harder than last week. Over the weekend we’re going to be under full preparation through VODs and scrims as much as possible. We have homework to do on the other teams as well, but we’re going to have the same mindset we’ve had all week, which is winning. Anything for the ‘W’, play as a team, win as a team, lose as a team.”

We will bring you another Elevate update next week.