Elevate Signs EU's Finest Gears of War Team

by Team Elevate | February 24, 2020

Elevate has a rich history in Gears of War esports and is proud to welcome a new roster to the #RedRebellion. Previous Elevate Gears of War fans will recognize the names included in the new team, as they’ve represented the brand before! Formerly known as EU's Finest, we're proud to present #ElevateGears.

Elevate decided with the current status of the Gears of War community it'd be a great opportunity to get back in touch with the wide fan-based we, unfortunately, had to neglect the majority of Gears 5, but the team commented on their decision to re-join the #RedRebellion and how they’re looking to improve this time around: 

“We were previously under Elevate for the previous Gears game and they treated us so well, it was only right to return to our old home and take it one step further this time around.” 

The team had a pretty good run in their first tenure with Elevate with many T3/4 placements, however, they never managed to secure a title. This is something the team is looking to change this time around: 

“Our expectations haven't changed from back then till now. We still want to be the best and soar through our expectations and the only way to do that is to win a trophy.” 

Time has passed since that first tenure and Elevate have grown their fan base, with some fans missing out on our past in the Gears of War scene, so we asked the team on why you should tune into their games and support them on their journey for silverware: 

“I think our playstyle is very textbook Gears but also unpredictable at the same time. The ability to switch between the two makes us so versatile. Fans will notice how we play and place the playstyle ahead of others.” 

Well, they certainly seem confident of their talents and they should be as they’ve always been one of the top teams over in the EU Gears scene. We asked them about their past achievements and how they’re going to transfer that to their games under the Elevate brand:  

“We’ve always been dominant in EU with numerous of 1st place finishes in online and regional matches, dating back to Gears of War 4. We want to start to transfer this into international events, that's our only goal.” 

We are so excited, here at Elevate, to be back within the Gears of War esports scene and it was a no brainer to bring back the roster that represented us so well in the past. You can catch the team in action later on today at 6PM GMT against team Rated R, over at Twitch.tv/EGL. We hope to see you there supporting the #RedRebellion