by Team Elevate | April 23, 2020

This Wednesday the Elevate Gears of War participated in the celebration of the new Gears 5 PvP mode ‘Gridiron’ with playing in the Gridiron Crown event for $10,000!

For those that don’t know Gridiron is Gears 5's brand-new, single life objective mode that sees two teams fighting to run a neutral flag into their opponent's end zone. Here's how it works: At the start of each round, the flag rotates between one of three locations along the centerline of the map.

Going into the first set of matches, we’d see the team face up against Regal Reserve, a team we’ve had countless series against in the Pro League. When asked about how the team felt going into the pop-up event consisting of many familiar faces, coach Rubikz said "There’s that sense of urgency when it comes to surprise events like this one. Pro league matches are pretty routine at this point and playing against the same 3 teams doesn’t call for much excitement. So this was a pleasant change.” The urgency did seem to be there as Elevate would start the series in dominating fashion, taking Map #1 12-6 on Canals. This first map would also see a ridiculous game out of KrazedM getting 20 eliminations with a measly 3 deaths! Map #2 on Asylum would keep that same pace as the Elevate boys would just roll through, this time even better than before taking the map 14-4. Yet again, KrazedM would be the slayer of the game having 17 eliminations with only 2 deaths. Map #3 on Bunker would see Regal Reserve stop the bleeding momentarily. The match, however, was a nail biter, to say the least as it would go down to the very last round with Regal Reserve capping the final flag, and unfortunately ruining the sweep. Lastly, we’d head into Map #4 Icebound, a map Elevate has been looking strong on all season long. In normal Elevate fashion we’d close out the finale map in yet another showing of pure skill as we crush Regal Reserve 14-2, giving us a finale map count of 3-1 and sending us to the finals against rivals Rated R.

Now going into the series the community polls have Rated R favored slightly ahead of our boys at Elevate “blocking out the noise has never been a problem for us to be honest. It's not the first time where the favor has been against us and we've come out on top. We have shown time and time again that we’re one of the best” Crimsons said, going into their rivalry matchup. We’d start the series on Asylum, a map both teams have won many games on, so this would be a match fully based on gun skill and strategy. Elevate would decisively take Q1 of the map not letting Rated R take even a point, we would see them take 2 points in Q2 and 4 points in Q3, but they’d have that comeback hope short-lived as we finish the map winning 13-6 with Crimsons having a great game with 19 eliminations and only 3 deaths. Proving once again why he’s one of the best in the game. Map #2 on District would be the start of the brutal matches we knew we were eventually going to see in this matchup. There would be a back and forth battle between both rosters for the slightest edge until Q3, where unfortunately Rated R would take four rounds in a row taking District 14-8. We’d see Map #3 go down on Allfathers Arena, this map would almost mimic map one to the tee with a map count of 14-6 in favor of Elevate. Map #4 on Icebound would be a close one being tied 6-6 going into Q3, but unfortunately, after that Rated R would take the remaining rounds tying up the series 2-2, making for the intense Championship Finals we all wanted. Going into the final map on Bunker it had seemed like to couldn't have scripted a better story of just two powerhouse teams going at each other's necks, going pound for pound not letting the other get their confidence too high. It was one for the books going into this. Unfortunately, we hoped for more of a showing out of Rated R in the final map as Elevate rolled through them, showing no remorse and winning the map 14-4 and claiming the Gridiron Crown! With the standing in place and the Elevate boys on top, the prizing went as follows:

  1. Elevate - $4,000  
  2. Rated R- $2,000
  3. Team Sick/Regal Reserve - $1,000
We got a great series, clutches galore, a map 5, we saw exactly what Gridiron has to offer. Elevate proved yet again that they are the best Gears of War team in the EU. This is not the last time you will see these two teams match up this week though! Tune in on April 27th at EGL to see the first seed deciding match of the Pro League Spring Quarter! And as always, continue following our roster's journey by following us on TwitterInstagramFacebook, and YouTube.