Elevate Gears of War Place 5th/6th at MLG Nola

by Team Elevate | July 21, 2018

All members of #RedRebellion were filled with pride and hope for the future of the Elevate’s Gears of War team after placing 5th/6th this past weekend at MLG Nola 2018.MLG’s Gears of War Opens were held July 13-15th 2018 in New Orleans, La. The event began at 2 pm on Friday. This event was the team’s first together, and proved to be a promising showing for the future of the team. Elevate was represented at the Gears of War Opens by SSneaky, Zenun, Hesi, Xclu5ive, and FireArm.
“The goal was to come into this event confident enough to show everyone we are a championship caliber team,” said SSneaky, “and I felt we did just that.”
Elevate began by unfortunately falling to OpTic Mexico 1-2 but went on to defeat power squad Echo Fox 2-1. The team opened Saturday by taking Vertacon down 2-0 to finish second in Pool C, advancing to the winner’s bracket. The team took their first winner’s bracket series against Gosu Crew 2-1 to secure top six.
Following that win, Elevate fell 0-2 against EU’s Finest to complete their Saturday and fall into the losers bracket, with hopes to climb back to the championship on Sunday.
Sunday started and ended with a rematch against Echo Fox where Elevate dropped 0-2 to end their successful weekend with a 5th/6th place finish.
Fans and members of Elevate alike were shown the promises of a bright future.