Elevate Introduces Fortnite Team!

by Team Elevate | October 15, 2018

          On October 3rd, Elevate announced its entry into the Fortnite esports realm. It was announced that AJ “Nemo” Nuguid and Adonis “Adonis” Yancey will be representing Elevate in upcoming events and tournaments. While Adonis previously competed in a league with his team, he frequently plays in tournaments and prefers the tournament setting. Adonis describes his playstyle as, “Very aggressive usually… but can be strategic when needed,” adding that the most important thing to remember in competitive gaming is that, “at the end of the day it’s all good fun.”
         Nemo added, “my strength in Fortnite is that I have developed more game sense than anything else. I feel like I do have some qualities to be a leader to what’s the best plays what to avoid and where to navigate,” going on to say, “my instinct to where I lead my team around the map I feel as though is the optimal way to achieve the best possible outcome and advantage.” The duo is unsure exactly what events they will be competing in, but plan to participate in as many as possible.
          Fortnite, while being arguably the most popular game on the market, still lacks clarity in how exactly eSports will function. While some argue that the game may not be polished enough to hit the main stage, Epic Games pledged $100 million in prize money for the 2018-2019 competitive season.
          Currently, Fortnite competitions occur in one of two ways. Epic-hosted events work on an invite-only basis. Players receive a code in order to join the custom game and compete from there. Independent competitions are scored by the number of kills. These players compete in separate lobbies, and some events require a player to stream their game on Twitch. While the future of the game as an esport remains cloudy, there is no doubt that Elevate will find success in Fortnite. Nemo and Adonis look forward to representing the #RedRebellion at coming events.

Be sure to support the players by checking out their social media below:
Twitter: twitter.com/ElevateAdonis
Twitch: twitch.tv/adonisfn
Twitter: twitter.com/ElevateNemo
Twitch: twitch.tv/Nemo