Elevate Returns to Rainbow Six Siege

by Team Elevate | March 26, 2019

The only thing more exciting more than Rainbow Leauge matches is the return of a team you’ve all been waiting for... On March 14, 2019, Elevate announced its return of their beloved RainbowSix team since 2017! It’s safe to say that the fan base had been eager to hear this given the support & positive affirmation they’ve shown thus far. But fortunately, the fans are not the only ones who seem to be showing support... Muteeb “@PiXeLR6” Chaudary says, “I'm very appreciative of the support that we've received from other Challenger League Players, Players not in CL and also from Pro players. The support from fans and many others that we've gained recently upon signing with Elevate is insane and I’ve never seen such support for anyone else while playing with another team.” Dylan “@RiichR6” Breland also states that since joining Elevate’s R6 team he’s gone from around 150 followers to 400 in a very short amount of time. He follows with, “We have never been a part of a more supportive organization EVER, and it literally feels like we are all best friends or just family that all want the same goal and they push us to hit it. The support from the fans and the people that follow Elevate is absolutely insane.” But the players themselves are not the only ones who have noticed such positivity from fans — their manager, Stephanie “@ThatDarnBandit” Smith, has definitely taken note of the positivity from the supporters. She says, “The support from fans has been insane and just seems never-ending. The team and I talk about it and notice every post or comment on twitter and reddit. Seeing tons of people talk about using their Elevate charms in the game again is awesome as well as mentioning wearing their Jerseys to support us on game day... I’ve gotten DMs on Twitter from people saying they can’t wait to cheer for the team and wishing us luck. You can tell the Elevate fan base is really strong and loved within the siege community and outside of it.” She also mentions that it is a surreal feeling for Muteeb “@PiXeLR6” Chaudary and David “@ProphetDN” Nevit being that they came from Xbox and happened to be huge fans of Elevate back in the day. “It’s honestly just a surreal feeling. I have loved the Elevate brand ever since they entered the R6 scene on Xbox back in Year 1. I dreamed about playing for Elevate, and if we’re being completely honest I still can’t believe I am here! It is just an absolute honor to be a part of such an amazing organization!” says David “@ProphetDN” Nevit. After receiving and reading their individual responses, I think we can all agree that the support has most definitely been... Insane!

Although the team is not a pro-league, the players themselves, their manager & coach all expect much from the R6 team this year when it comes to events. Josh “@ZThunder_R6” Kosiba says that he expects the team to win & he believes that they are pro-league ready as is — plain and simple. Very straightforward and I think many of the fans and players themselves can agree to that. Stephanie “@ThatDarnBandit” Smith truly does have their best interest as the manager of the team, she makes a very genuine statement when it comes to her expectations for, and how she views the team & their potential. “As far as players and the competitive side of siege I expect us to just keep getting better and be in the playoffs fighting for the ProLeague spot, yesterday was our first game with us as a full team, Prophet and ZThunder are new to the team this season, with PiXeL Nog and Rich being teammates for a long time. Everyone on this team has such an important role that people watching the games don't get to see, and the scoreboard will never reflect that... The team, in my opinion, has a really high skill ceiling because everyone brings such different but important things to the table, everyone on the team is committed to getting better at not just their roles in the game, but as teammates... Outside of the game, I think the entire team is going to just keep growing as people and teammates in a way that makes us better. We are constantly working on how we approach practice and game days. We've been working not just in the game at getting better but communicating amongst ourselves and working as a team better in every way. Part of that is small things like expressing ourselves in a helpful way whenever someone thinks there is something that needs to be adjusted or fixed. We like to watch the VODs together as a team and discuss what can change or how can we help someone be better. Our focus lately has been not blaming anyone for rounds lost but making sure we think of it in terms of ‘How can we as a team do better, what can we change or work on?’ I think the fact all of us like to hang out together is going to be a big factor in our performance this season because we are all driven and committed to this line up doing great things. We want to get ourselves in pro-league and making LANs because for the team this isn't just playing a game, it is something they are passionate about and want to do every day and I genuinely think this team is capable of doing so.”

As it has been stated, the team is not pro-league to start off. But with time, commitment, hard work, and patience, many fans should expect to see them in the pro-league eventually. Although the Elevate RanbowSix team has an immense amount of support from the fan base, unfortunately, there are still those who wish not to support due to the fact that they are not pro-league. “Some people may be disappointed, but I haven't received such feedback, but there's always some that may be because Elevate has always been represented at the highest level in rainbow six siege. One thing I can say to those that are disappointed is that rest assured, we are grinding every day and will most definitely do our best to get Elevate back into the pro scene.” Muteeb “@PiXeLR6” Chaudary explains while Josh “@ZThunder_R6” Kosiba says, “It sucks but personally I think it's because CL doesn't get the support or exposure that it should, so people tend to view it as a far step down from PL when in reality the top CL teams can go toe to toe with PL teams.”

This season will be full of some unexpected outcomes from the Elevate R6 team  —

some positive followed by a few negatives here and there, of course. But the team and their fans should all be hopeful for a successful season, nonetheless. “I just want to thank Elevate for giving my team and myself the opportunity to represent them along with the fans that follow both the organization and rainbow six siege. I'm confident with my group of guys that we will make pro-league at the end of Challenger League and do the fans and the organization good service. There isn't any other group of guys I would team with than the ones I currently have.” Muteeb “@PiXeLR6” Chaudary adds. Although it has been two years without an R6 team, Elevate hit the nail on the head when it came to recruiting the team and its leaders. Judging by their outlook, expectations, family-like connection and positivity alone, everyone  — fan or not — should expect to see big things coming from them as a team and even the individual players themselves in the near future as well as further into the season. It is safe to say this talented team will bring quite a few surprises.