Gears of War Summer Quarter Week 1 Recap

by Team Elevate | June 03, 2020

June 1st was the kickoff of the summer quarter for the European Gears of War Pro League, a six-week round-robin affair pitting the four best Gears teams in Europe against each other, all culminating in the World Championship. The Elevate squad is coming into this season as the previous champions from the Spring Quarter Major and faced stiff competition in week one against the team they beat to secure first at the Major, Rated R. 

The strong set of games would start on the Elevate map pick of Bunker, which quickly became a back and forth struggles for dominance as the round would be tied into halftime. The second half would remain just as close, with the final two rounds being decided by a very narrow margin, giving the team a 5-3 victory with some excellent team play, with Hydronee and KrazedM both making consistent great plays to help secure the win.

Game number 2 would take place on Rated R’s map choice of District, and the first half would go nearly the same as the first, with the score being tied up heading into the half, with some fantastic plays by JackFex to give Elevate two rounds in a row to tie the game up. Unfortunately, the team would find themselves on the opposite side of their map 1 victory, just coming up short 5-3, leading to a tie-breaking third game.

The tie-breaking round was on Exhibit, despite some very back and forth action, Rated R would wind up with a four-round advantage heading into the halfway point. Elevate would, unfortunately, be unable to find their footing, and take a 5-0 shutout loss to their rivals in game 3, falling after some great games 2-1 in the set.

With only one week of action underway we’ve already seen some great play from the Red Rebellion, and they will get their chance to take revenge on Rated R in the very final week of round-robin play in early July, certainly a set to look forward to. Looking ahead in the schedule, Elevate will be playing again next Monday, June 8th against No Mercy in a rematch from the Spring Quarter Major.

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