Get to Know Siege - DGTL

by Team Elevate | August 22, 2020

What is up #RedRebellion!! Welcome to the first of a 6 part series where you, yes you, get to know our Rainbow 6 Siege Men’s APAC team. First up we have Raine Wright, also known as Dgtl.

Q: Why don't you tell us a little bit about yourself?

DGTL: Began playing Siege on PS4 2014 with the beta version of the game and fell in love with it. I had never been much into video games and had always been into playing competitively in sports. Once I had given up Football, I had always looked to Siege to gain that fix of competing in something. I had made the transition to PC with the team later turned to Extricity and had remained on that roster as the Captain for 2 years before becoming of age to join Oddity/Onyxian to what is now Elevate R6!

Q: How do you stay motivated both during season and during the off season?

DGTL: I've always been competitive, so the drive to win has always been something I've just adopted and keeps me from falling into a point of complacency.


Q: Give us a typical day in the life of Dgtl.

DGTL: Without COVID-19 question, I'd usually have a University Class which lasts anywhere from 1-3 hours in which is usually followed with head to the shower after, unless its a gym day in that case I'd do that say after. By then it should be around 2pm, from there on I'm doing anything from seeing mates to chilling at home. Most nights would be a scrim nights, but with the few nights that are free, a night out with the boys is definitely on the cards.

Q: Out of all your teammates, who would be the one who would either show up late or sleep in on game day and why? 

DGTL: All of the team is definitely capable of doing so, but I couldn't answer this question without mentioning an old teammate of mine in Arlo where this actually happened and he ran to his computer with no warm up to play our Cyber-Gamer Finals.

You can catch more of the Elevate R6 guys soon in the Asia Pacific League here in the near future. For more #RedRebellion news make sure you follow our Twitter for the latest updates.