Get to Know Siege: Hotshot

by Team Elevate | September 16, 2020


Welcome back to another Get to Know Siege! We are excited to introduce you to our newest Rainbow 6 Siege player Hotshot. We are so thrilled to have him part of our #RedRebellion family!

Q: Welcome to the family! Tell us a little bit about yourself!

I started playing the game in the beta on PS4 and picked the game up when it launched and have been playing it since I moved from PS4 to PC in March last year in the hope of playing competitive Siege.

Q: What are you most excited to bring to the #RedRebellion family?

Hotshot: I'm hoping I can bring a fresh pair of eyes to the team help fix some of the problems that the team currently has. Coming from a leadership position in my last team the guys are wanting to put some of the IGL roles onto me and I'm excited to try to help lead a team at the top level.

Q: What is your go to game when you aren't playing R6?

Hotshot: My go to game when not playing Rainbow 6 right now is the Dark Souls series love the rewarding gameplay and the lore that surrounds the Dark Souls universe.

Q: What is your funniest in game memory?

Hotshot: Funniest in game memory is whenever I play ranked with the boys something hilarious is always bound to happen.

Q: What made you want to go pro?

The thing that made me want to go pro is watching the very first invitationals and just thinking that's where I want to be on that stage and I'm hoping me and the team will someday make it there.

You can catch more of the Elevate R6 guys soon in the Asia Pacific League here in the near future. For more #RedRebellion news make sure you follow our Twitter for the latest updates.