Get to Know Siege - Sinnix and WarTurtle

by Team Elevate | September 23, 2020

On our final installment of 'Get to Know Siege' we are highlighting our coaching duo of Emrys 'Sinnix' Clegg and Patrick 'WarTurtle' Gleeson. This tag team duo is the driving force behind the every day workings of the APAC Rainbow 6 Siege team. 

Q: Tell us about yourselves:

Sinnix: My name is Emrys ‘Sinnix’ Clegg, I am 22 and I am the Coach of the Elevate R6 Team. Until March this year, I was living in Sydney for about 18 months for work and study, I finished all that I set out to do and moved back to my home city, Perth.

WarTurtle: At the moment I spread my time between Siege, catching up with mates, and more Siege. My name is Patrick aka "WarTurtle" I’m 19 years old and I’m from New Zealand. I’ve been playing R6 since the beta back in 2015 and I have been involved in the competitive scene since 2017. Outside of gaming, my favorite place is the beach or a pool I personally think there is no better place in the world than being at the beach.

Q: How did I get started in R6?

Sinnix: Originally I played DotA2 and Overwatch when a mate from High School recommended me R6, from there I played ranked until I found some people who played Cybergamer (the only competitive R6 league at the time) and the rest is history really.

WarTurtle: I originally played the beta because I was bored as I just built my PC the day prior and was updating some of the games I bought with it so I thought "why not" and gave it a shot and I have been hooked ever since.

Q: What do some of the guys do that drive you insane?

Sinnix: The boys are far from perfect but they’re a loveable bunch and if I wasn’t tolerant of their shenanigans I wouldn’t be here.

WarTurtle: When GodLgn turns the discord into his own little High School Musical Movie.

Q: How do you keep the guys motivated?

WarTurtle: We had a really good performance during S11 of ESL Pro League and we were looking really promising heading to into Six Masters 2020, obviously things didn't go according to plan and we had a subpar season, to say the least. We obviously plan to come back swinging in the next event we compete in to show everyone we are truly the top of south APAC. The way we keep the boys motivated is by reminding them of the potential each and every one of them has individually but more importantly as a team.

Q: What some funny moments?

Sinnix: Redd has some really good one-liners,

"I need sound" - Dgtl 

*dies to claymore*

"You need eyes not sound for that" - Redd.

We’ve had quite a few funny moments so we’ve started a quotes sheet to have a laugh and reminisce once in a while.

You can catch the #ElevateR6 guys currently competition in the Oceanic Nationals for their spot in the Rainbow 6 Pro League. For more #RedRebellion news make sure you follow our Twitter for the latest updates.