Introducing Elevate Gods of Boom

by Team Elevate | March 03, 2020

Elevate is excited to announce it's our entry into Gods of Boom!

Elevate is proud that we will be entering in yet another tight niche mobile community such as Gods of Boom with the acquisition of the Season 2 Championship team RedX consisting of:

 Formerly known as Hyped Up in Season One, and RedX this team is one of the, if not best team in North America, having multiple championships under their belt such as S2 Winter Challengers, S2 Pro Series Texas Championship, S2 Spring Challengers, S2 Pro Series Brazil Championship, S2 Gods of Boom Cologne Championship, and lastly Season 2 Championship. The pairing of Elevate and the roster came and a time where it could be a very organic partnership with our indulgent into the mobile esports around the board, with Ariel commenting: "We are genuinely excited to work with Elevate, they took us in with open arms and made us feel like part of the family. We are looking forward to growing the mobile esports scene under the Elevate brand. We are truly honored by the opportunity and aiming for those trophies." 

With this pairing Elevate looks to expand the limitations of mobile esports and how they are viewed, this team has the winnings to prove they are a force to be reckoned with but with the lack of notoriety, this roster doesn't get the attention they deserve. As Gentricks touched upon when speaking with him "As bigger teams come into the scene of mobile gaming I see a lot bigger sponsors coming, audience, prize pools and even further, acknowledging the fact that the mobile gaming industry is worth investing in." At the end of the day, this isn't affecting how our team plays, they've still been racking up those trophies without needing the huge audience and they'll continue to do so. The guys seem like they're not close to pumping on the breaks after their success at the Season 2 Finals.

"The team is feeling great we came off a great season 2 finals win and we are hungry for more. We don’t settle, we constantly try to improve our game. We take every team seriously and we study and respect them. We are constantly trying to develop our skills and IQ. We don’t focus too much on the trophies we have won and instead focus on the next trophies we can get. Although we are at the top at the moment we are practicing as if we are at the bottom." - Ariel

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