Introducing #ELEVATE2020

by Team Elevate | January 01, 2020

No, you aren't going crazy. No, your eyes aren't deceiving you. Effective immediately, Elevate is now using our new 2020 brand identity across all platforms!

“We wanted something timeless, something that could withstand the rapid growth of the industry. Most importantly though, we wanted something that was us. This re-branding was a project that was just a mere conversation over a year ago, discussing what it meant to not only to be a part of Elevate but to live by the brand Elevate. The mountainous range represents everything from the highs and lows that we face, to the climb to the highest peak of our journey. Through many months of trial and era, with a multitude of concepts and testing, we brought in the expertise of Travis at Creative Grenade to help push us over the line with the logo-mark and solidify the structure we set. I couldn’t be more proud of the organization, with many of our members giving feedback that assisted in the process. This was a group effort in itself and it proved strength in numbers. For this, I thank the #RedRebellion that has stuck by us for over five years now. This is only just the beginning of this new chapter."

Zachary Azzara, Chief Creative Officer

Going into 2020, we at Elevate would like to thank all of our supporters for your continuing support through the years! Without you, none of this would be possible! So again, from the staff, players, streamers. We thank you. 

Thank you to Creative Grenade for the logomark work and Mike Goldfield for the wordmark inspiration. These guys are very talented!

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