Keeping up with the Ku

by Team Elevate | May 23, 2020

Stefan "GodKu" Lubomirski has been a member with Elevate for a while now, most of you will know him from his hilarious GFUEL videos on Twitter, and by the photo in the thumbnail of this article, you all will recognize that mustache from anywhere. However, many of you don’t know the man when the camera is off, so we thought we’d catch up with him and give you that chance to see the man behind the stream. 

At Elevate, we are very fortunate to have a fantastic variety of streamers and entertainers, but to be under an organizations name can be very daunting to some, this isn’t the case for GodKu as he says here: “It’s been amazing, I couldn’t have wished for better people to be around. I've made friends I’ll know for the rest of my life and I’m excited to grow and see where the future goes!!”. Many may know GodKu was not always just a streamer for the Elevate brand, he was a professional PUBG player for us dating back in February of  2019! In a lot of cases, streamers come from all walks of life, there’s always a good chance that they’ve had a fully-fledged career before their streaming hobby became a career, Stefan is no different as he explains to us what he was doing before full time streaming “I owned a CrossFit gym for 5 years before committing full time to game and streaming”. Many people have different stories when it comes to gaming and when they started gaming, for some they found it in their teens, for some it’s later in life and for Stefan, well he was a gamer from day one as he explains here “Oh back when I was a wee lad haha like 5-6 years old but some of my favorite memories of gaming was when I was 10 to 16 years old on Xbox!” 

There are so many different reasons as to why someone would set up a Twitch channel and stream their gaming moments, some us it for that exact reason, to share memories, some do it just because they want a different meaning to their gaming experience, whilst others do it for the chance at success, fame, and fortune. For Stefan, it was something he always wanted to do: I always wanted to stream. I love the vibe of it, I love talking and entertaining people.” Getting to a point where you can stream full-time and financially support yourself and your family is a great accomplishment but to carry on that success you have to set yourself goals for the future, for GodKu it’s just keeping it simple with one goal: “I want to build a beautiful community with people who care for each other”. 

Surprisingly enough, streamers are people too, with lives behind what the camera and stream see, some streamers are dedicated gamers who play all the time off-stream, some go to the gym or plays sports, GodKu spends his free time with his family as he explains here: “I hang out with my girlfriend Haily and our 2 cats Yugene and Benjamin! We love to watch shows and movies. We just started playing the bass and electric guitar so we have been practicing that a lot! Most days off I just relax and take my mind off things before getting back in the stream grind.”. 

Whilst GodKu has been with Elevate for a while, some of you guys maybe new fans and members of the #RedRebellion, so we got GodKu to explain his stream, in his own words: “I’m a very good unique person. I bring the best vibes and music. I also destroy people in video games and click heads very well. The core community I've been building are such good people and are there for each other. It’s honestly amazing seeing it being built.”. 

We also thought it would be cool to ask GodKu if he had any facts about himself that he wanted you guys to know, rest assured he came through with the goods, so here are 5 facts about GodKu:  

  • 1. I love music, it’s part of my soul! I listen to it every day and it’s even gotten me out of hard times. 
  • 2. I’m a very open person and easy to talk to if anyone ever needed anything you could always come to me! 
  • 3. My cats are polydactyl which means they have thumbs. 
  • 4. I am an amazing dancer.  
  • 5. I’m a grinder and I will never stop until I reach my goals. 

We also had one final question that I’m sure everyone was dying for us to ask GodKu, we asked him about the meaning behind his name and the story behind growing that glorious mustache: “I love DBZ. Goku was my favorite growing up. Sadly, that name is taken on every platform haha, so I was brainstorming names and this one just had a nice flow. I wanted a quick nickname with my name and I liked how Ku sounded which is what everyone calls me! For my mustache... I've had a mustache for a while now. Probably about 6 years. Used to rock just the stash nothing else, yeah, I know ballsy. I got lazy to let it grow out and curled it up one day and was like ok ok, this could work. Got memed on by some people in the beginning but it ended up sticking and people love it lol. I’m a very flashy person at heart I like to dress big act big and go big, so the stash just fits. ggs" 

If you want some more of GodKu, be sure to show some love and check out his social media pages! You can find him on Twitch as well as Twitter! #RedBellion