Meet Elevate Joseph!

by Team Elevate | February 12, 2020

Recently at Elevate, we've been announcing a handsome amount of wonderful content creators! So we decided to sit down with one of them, meet Joseph!

Q: So recently you've been announced as the new streamer for Elevate, how do you feel coming into a role like that?

  Joseph: This is the first huge organization that's allowed me to excel and show what I have to offer. I like to think I have always been an underdog so being able to have a chance of showing my talent and love for the gaming community is amazing.

Q: With being in the team now for about a week how do you feel about the organization and the people that surround it?

  Joseph: One of the biggest things about this community is being able to talk to anyone you need to very quickly cause how everyone is around and playing games together so it's more like not only having a friendship but also having them as your co-worker and it's an amazing feeling!

Q: What are your current personal goals for your stream?

  Joseph: You always hear people saying how they want a particular amount of followers towards the end of the set year. That's a community-based goal that I never set because that's something impossible done alone. I tend to make goals that are based on what I can personally do to make an impact Like I want to be happy, I want to stream five days a week this year, I want to make this particular content and be healthy makes those goals that you can complete yourself so if it doesn't happen you have no one else to blame besides yourself and everything else will fall into place with time.

Q: What does your history in gaming look like? Did you play games as a kid and what kinds?

  Joseph: I seriously became addicted to games during my childhood was when I just started playing Call of Duty looking up too early 2012 content creators on YouTube learning how to snipe and make montages that were when I started the following year making content myself

Q: Do you think your life within photography and cinematography has affected your stream at all? Whether it be within your production quality or artistic style of channel.

  Joseph: Besides the quality that people notice right away when they come to my stream using DSLR vs webcam photography always gave me that creative outlook making me want to try new things never done before, taking what I have learned from the cinematography interest makes my content more visually pleasing than most.

Q: What are some of your hobbies outside of gaming, streaming, and photography/cinematography?

  Joseph: I love spending my time with great company outdoors living life, life is short so I want to live it well-hiking mountains, bonfires on the beach later summer nights, traveling the world seeing new culture, places, food, and embracing the locals life and learning our gaming world isn't the only one to learn from. Doing Photography and film has just been able to help me capture those beautiful moments in life with some of the most amazing memories because those are priceless.

Q: Was streaming something you’ve known you wanted to do? Or was it something that you tried and just got hooked?

   Joseph: I started streaming two years ago off the PS4 Season One of Fornite and didn't buy my computer until I unlocked affiliate on Twitch meaning it was worth the investment cause every dollar I made was going to pay off my computer soon after that I had people come to the stream telling me how much I helped them cope through difficult times and for me that was the most satisfying feeling of all is knowing that I was able to help to this day still blows my mind when in my mind all I was doing was playing a game. You can say after my Six months of consistently doing it I got hooked and never looked back and questioned anything just leaped hoping that going into the unknown would one day pay off.

A special thanks to Joseph for taking the time and sitting down with us, make sure you support him across the board on Twitter, as well as Twitch! #RedRebellion