Meet Elevate Unsweet Queen

by Team Elevate | March 06, 2020

On the 19th of February, Elevate had the honor of welcoming two more streamers to the #RedRebellion, Irene and Unsweet Queen, so we thought it would be a great chance to catch up with Unsweet Queen and get to know her better!  

Here at Elevate, we have a wonderful list of entertaining streamers under our name, however, it can be quite daunting to newcomers when you first join Elevate, this wasn’t the case with Unsweet Queen as she said “It was so exciting. The first couple of weeks have been so fun! It’s nice having an online family who is always there! And the team itself has been nothing but welcoming!” 

Everyone knows that popular streamers don't plan on becoming streamers full time, they dream about doing something else in their future before streaming was a real job to do. Unsweet Queen is one of those people as she had a career before streaming, “I served 4 years in the army national guard and after I got out, I didn’t really have many plans for what I wanted to do.” She then went on to explain how she was heading back to school when streaming took her heart, “I was about to start school for psychology but I found myself loving streaming too much to give it up.” 

There are many reasons why streamers set-up their Twitch channels, some do it for the potential of fame and money, some do it for their love of gaming and just simply want to share their experiences with others. For Unsweet Queen, it was her friends who convinced her to start streaming, “I started my twitch channel when a few of my old friends were encouraging me to start streaming.” She then went on to explain how it helped her with her anxiety, “I wasn’t too sure about it just because I have social anxiety but if anything, it has helped me overcome that and now it hardly ever comes up.” 

With many streamers, once they’ve gained a decent fanbase and are on the cusp of having a full-time career, it’s a difficult decision to make the full leap to a full-time streaming career. This wasn’t the case for Unsweet Queen as she explained to us, “Honestly the decision wasn’t difficult at all. I was a stay at home mom and didn’t really have any other obligations so I had the time and didn’t have anything standing in the way.”  

After securing a full-time career in streaming, the best thing to do is to continue to set yourself goals and continue to create new and exciting content. This is exactly the thing that Unsweet Queen has done with her stream, as she explains to us about wanting to start new content like podcasts, whilst continuing to grow her ever-growing community, “My personal goals for my stream is to grow my community and focus on branching out and trying new things. I’d like to do some podcasts and other fun stuff this year.” A podcast starring Unsweet Queen as the host, sign us up! 

Surprisingly enough, streamers actually have a life outside of sitting at their computer/console and streaming all day, whilst many streamers just simply play game off-stream and go to the gym, Unsweet Queen has a seriously important part to her life off-screen “When I’m not streaming I am hanging out with my family. I have been married for four years and have an almost 4-year-old daughter so she definitely keeps me on my toes. I also model and am a hobby photographer.” Being a full-time streamer, with a 4-year-old daughter is extremely impressive if you ask us! 

We know some of you Elevate fans out there, might not be familiar with Unsweet Queen and her streams so we decided to ask her about her streams and how she would describe them to people who have never tuned in before, here’s what she had to say “My streams are usually pretty fun! I have a hilarious community and we are always cracking jokes at each other. I’m typically playing with my duo partner on Fortnite or chatting with my community. I’m definitely not a go streamer, we have a twisted sense of humor but somehow everyone finds their way of fitting in and making the best of every stream!” 

Unsweet Queen deserves your support on everything she does just on the facts that she served her country for 4 years and streams whilst being a mother to a 4-year-old daughter, never mind that her content is brilliant, so go and support her over on Twitch and Twitter