Microwave Gaming Joins Elevate!

by Team Elevate | May 01, 2020


Today we are proud to announce the newest addition to our content team, Microwave Gaming!

Elevate is excited to welcome Microwave to our organization. The past few years  Elevate has been eyeing some of the best up and coming content creators in the world, but not always does a well-established creator show up at your front doorstep. That may or may have not been the exact way it went down with Microwave joining us here at the #RedRebellion, but we're happy he is here nonetheless. For our fans that might not be as familiar with Microwave as others, he is a streamer and YouTuber primarily in the field of Rainbow Six Siege, as many of you know, since the release of the game Elevate has always tried to connect with the scene as close as possible. Now for the non-Rainbow Six Siege fans, don't worry he doesn't only play that game, Microwave has a variety of games he plays, as of right now you would most likely be able to find him clicking heads on the new game Valorant!  

This is what Elevate's Chief Executive Officer Brandon Hatfield had to say about the newest addition to the team: For me, it's a great honor to be working with him For a lot of people, Microwave was one of the first content creators that got them into Rainbow Six Siege. It’s cool to join forces with a guy of his caliber to create more content around the Rainbow Six Siege community and his expansion into other games. We have been working on making this happen for over a month now and during this time getting to know him, I have been able to witness his extreme work ethic and dedication to content creation

Please join us in welcoming Microwave to #RedRebellion by checking out his TwitchTwitter, and subscribing to his YouTube channel!