New Elevate Roster Makes #R6PL Debut

by Team Elevate | January 14, 2020

On January 7th, the new #ElevateR6 team made their long-awaited debut in the LATAM Rainbow Six Siege Pro League! Many coming into this week of matches doubted the team based on their lack of experience in Pro League, but that didn't stop the team from going out and proving they can hang amongst the established LATAM teams.

In Elevate’s first outing with the new roster, the team showed they were ready to compete and show everyone what they got against opponents Black Dragons. The match started off round for round with an intense start! The second half we saw advantage go towards both teams with a nail-biting tie as the result.

The second match that took place on January 9th wasn’t as we would hope against FaZe clan. Elevate was able to get a few rounds against the powerhouse team but in the end, FaZe was just stronger in the outing resulting in a 3-7 count.

As the roster prepares for their match against INTZ Lenda spoke on the matter saying "For the game against INTZ we're getting better prepared than the other games and we made changes to the functions inside that will improve our game for the future, and I feel like we've been looked over and it doesn't affect us at all, we're training hard to improve every day, but at the same time, we also want to prove our potential"

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