PUBG Mobile Club Open Spring Split 2020 Recap

by Team Elevate | April 03, 2020

With the conclusion of the PUBG Mobile Club Open Spring Split 2020, let’s sit down and recap Elevate’s performance of the entire tournament!

Group Stage:

Map 1 in the group stages ould be Erangel and Elevate would get off to a great start placement wise, finishing 4th, although the game was pretty uneventful in terms of kills as Elevate totaled 2 kills in the entirety of map 1. Map 2 would be Sanhok and Elevate would improve on their 4th place finish by narrowly missing out on the top spot, finishing in 2nd and improving on their kill tally as they secured 9 kills, with KLast top fragging with 4 kills. Map 3 would see Elevate compete on Vikendi where they managed to secure 6th place and 2 kills, both coming from PokuS. For Map 4, the teams would go back to where it all started for the group stages, Erangel, this time around, unfortunately, Elevate could only secure a 14th place finish and only secured 2 kills as a team. With the group stages coming to a close, Elevate would finish in 12th place in the standings.   
In the first phase of the Semi-Finals, Elevate was looking to improve on their solid start to the tournament and they would start this mission on Erangel. Elevate managed to secure a top 10 finish, specifically 9th place on Erangel and finished with a total of 4 kills. Map 2 would see Elevate try to pick up the win on Sanhok, unfortunately, the game didn’t go according to plan and the team finished in 9th with 0 kills. Looking to pick their performances up, Elevate would be fighting on Miramar for Map 3 and Elevate got what they were looking for when they finished 3rd place on Miramar, getting 8 kills as a team, with PokuS top fragging with 4 kills. Map 4 of the first phase in the Semi-Finals was Vikendi and the team finished in 7th place, with a total of 2 kills. After the first phase of the Semi-Finals, Elevate found themselves in 6th place in the standings.

Phase 2 of the Semi-Finals and Elevate were looking to improve on their decent performances in phase 1. The team would start on Ernagel where they would finish in 6th place and a total of 4 kills, with Zuku getting 3 of them. Map 2 would see Elevate compete on Sanhok and the team would finish 10th place with 1 kill coming from PokuS. Map 3, Miramar, would also see Elevate finish in 10th place with 4 kills. After two 10th place finishes and overall, a pretty rough day, Elevate was looking to improve on map 4, which was Vikendi. Unfortunately for the team, that improvement didn’t come to fruition and they finished 14th with 1 kill coming from KLast. After a rough phase 2 in the Semi-Finals, Elevate finished in 12th place heading into the finals.                                     

The Finals: 
Elevate headed into the finals knowing they needed a huge performance over the next 4 maps to get a really good placement in the standings and the day didn’t start well. On Erangel, the team finished in 11th place with 2 kills and they needed to pick themselves up for map 2 which was Miramar. You could say that the team picked themselves up as they went on to win Map 2 and finish in 1st place with 14 total kills, with Zuku popping off and getting 8 kills. Looking to follow up their incredible win on Miramar, Elevate would be competing on Sanhok, where they picked up back to back wins, finishing in 1st place with 6 kills, half of them coming from Will. After back to back wins and two incredible performances, Elevate went into map 4, the final map, looking for a hat-trick of wins to propel themselves even further up the standings. They ended up finishing in 6th place on map 4 with PokuS getting all 5 of the team's kills which lead the team to final overall placement of 6th in the standings!  

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