#R6PL Week 3 Recap

by Team Elevate | January 25, 2020

Coming off of two great matches, Elevate looks to keep their hot streak going.

Match One: Coming into week three of the #R6PL Elevate came off a huge win and tie against INTZ and Liquid elevating them to the 6th seed in the standings. Kicking off week three the team would be going against Team oNe. With Team oNe not starting off the season in the greatest spot, our team would be confident going into the matchup especially after the results of the second week of play. The match would start off with a back and forth battle as much of our other games have done but luckily after a 3-3 start the team would be able to secure three rounds in a row at least confirming a tie at minimum, but with a strong performance out of KDS as well as LENDA they were not gonna be satisfied with a tie and wanted the full 3 points for the win, and only two rounds later Elevate would secure the 7-4 win.


Match Two: Going into the second day of play Elevate would be going up against MIBR, a well-established team in the LATAM scene. The map would be Bank which the last time Bank was seen in the LATAM Pro League with ourselves against FaZe resulting in that 3-7 map count. So Elevate go into this looking to redeem themselves, luckily enough that's partially what they did. Elevate was able to quickly mount a 3-1 lead and it seemed at that point the team could not be stopped. Unfortunately, MIBR would be able to obtain the next four rounds in their favor bring up a 3-5 deficit, but the team would not shut down that easily. The next four rounds would be very hard-fought and nail-biting, both fortunately and unfortunately we would end the map with a 6-6 tie after a very strong performance from LENDA with a total of 17 kills in the map.