Rainbow Six Pro League Second Split Recap

by Team Elevate | March 31, 2020

With the conclusion of the Rainbow Six Pro League Split 2, let’s get a recap of all of Elevate’s performances and where they finished in the standings! 

Week 1: Wildcard GG vs Elevate 

Elevate started their Split 2 campaign with a tough matchup against Wildcard GG, the first map they would faceoff on would be Consulate. Heading into the 6th round the game was an evenly contested one with Wildcard GG holding a slight advantage at 3-2, however, Wildcard would eventually go on and dominate the rest of the game on Consulate and end up winning the map 7-2. God Legion had a pretty decent game for Elevate finishing 10-3-8, however, it was Wildcard taking the advantage into map 2. After falling to defeat on Consulate, Elevate was looking to bounce back and tie the matchup against Wildcard with a win on Kafe Dostoyevsky. Wildcard dominated the first 6 rounds, holding a 5-1 advantage and things were looking bleak for Elevate, however, Elevate started to stage a comeback, winning the next two rounds making the score 5-3. Unfortunately, for Elevate they went on to lose the map 7-3 and being wiped by Wildcard. Redd had a good showing out for Elevate, despite the loss, ending on 10-1-6.

Week 2: Fnatic vs Elevate  

Week 2 of Split 2 saw Elevate go up against league leaders Fnatic in a mouth-watering tie that would first be contested on Border. The entire game was closely contested, however, after eight rounds Fnatic found themselves in the lead, 5-3. In a huge turn of events, Elevate went on to win the next 4 rounds and win the map 7-5, mostly down to the brilliant performance of God Legion who finished 12-3-8.  After a brilliant comeback on map 1, Elevate was heading into the second game against Fnatic, once again on Border, with a lot of confidence that they could pull off a 2-0 series wipe. Fnatic had other plans, however, and started quickly as they took a 3-0 start. Elevate brought it back to 4-4 after eight rounds, however, Fnatic went on to win the map 7-5 and tied the series 1-1. Worthy had the best performance for Elevate, finishing 12-4-8, however it wasn’t enough to beat Fnatic on map 2. 

Week 3: TBD vs Elevate

Week 3, the final in this split, saw Elevate go up against TBD, Elevate had the chance of finishing top of the league if they won both their games. The first game against TBD would be contested on Consulate after 5 rounds things were looking seriously bleak for Elevate as they found themselves down 4-1 and then found themselves 5-2 down after 7 rounds. Elevate managed to bring the tie back to 5-4 and then went 6-4 down, giving TBD a great chance of winning Consulate. However, Elevate wasn’t giving up and they forced a massive comeback to tie Consulate 6-6. Redd was the best performer for Elevate, finishing with an impressive 7-2-2 record. After clutching up the final round on Consulate to tie the map, Elevate headed into Kafe Dostoyevsky with the confidence that they could pull off a win in the final matchup of the split. After 6 rounds Elevate had a 4-2 lead and were looking pretty comfortable with their team performance, not allowing TBD a proper way back into the game. Elevate then found themselves with a 6-3 advantage, and after only dropping one round after that, they secured the win on Kafe Dostoyevsky with a scoreline of 7-4. Vast had an unbelievable outing for Elevate in the most important game of the season, finishing with an 18-4-6 record. With that final win on the final map of the split, Elevate secured 2nd place in the standings and everyone here at Elevate are incredibly proud of the players’ achievements. They finished with a 9-1-4 match record, 28 total points, and a +17 map differential.

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