Rebranding Announcement #WeAreElevate

by Team Elevate | October 11, 2017

We are Elevate.

No, you didn’t read that wrong. No, this is not a typo. Effective immediately, what you have previously known as “Team eLevate” will now be assuming the single-word, first-letter-capitalized moniker Elevate.

The change accompanies a much deeper and broader branding strategy that has been underway for months, as we at Elevate have gone through introspection and internal discussions to determine who we at Elevate are and how we present that to you, our fans. On a practical level, we have tightened up how we market our brand and our sponsors, and therefore have formalized graphical logo and branding guidelines and internally highlighted a unified organizational direction that all content creators, streamers, writers, designers, and professionals will be responsible to exemplify (outlined below).

In print and publication, our name will mostly be capitalized “Elevate,” and occasionally “ELEVATE,” but will not be accompanied with “Team,” “Esports,” “Gaming,” or any other title. Simply put, most of our audience has used the shorthand “Elevate” to refer to us and we agree that the simplification of the brand represents who we are. While we may have hedged our identity on a single “team” or branded ourselves within one single title in the past, that is no longer the case. We are a multi-title, broadly-reaching organization that engages an audience both within esports and beyond.

Elevate is, and will continue to be dedicated to the recruitment and development of top-tier professional teams in both well-established and growing competitive fields. We also prioritize the creation and maintenance of a professional and mature competitive environment, expecting our staff and professionals to serve as positive examples of what our organization stands for. The end-goal for these priorities is to promote a healthy and growing overall esports community and to continue to be the organization that best exemplifies the professionalism possible within the scene; we believe we can accomplish that through creative and intentional policies that emphasize that to our fanbase, larger esports audience, current sponsors, and potential future partners.

We at Elevate are incredibly excited to begin the roll-out of our policies and strategies around our central priorities. I believe this effort will not only help us solidify who we are but make sure the esports audience knows it, too. We are professional. We are committed to high-quality media and marketing. We will operate as a business and follow ethical and intelligent business standards and to raise the bar for what ought to be expected of organizations in esports.

Please direct all press inquiries to Collin Ruud, Chief Brand Officer, at