Six Masters Playday 9 Recap

by Team Elevate | May 29, 2020

With another week of Australian Rainbow Six in the bag, it’s time to take a look back at how the Elevate squad performed in their set against the Pittsburgh Knights. The first game of the set took place on Border and was an absolute slugfest between the two teams, with the first five rounds being traded back and forth before the Knights were able to take a two-round lead heading into the position switch. Elevate would manage to get themselves back into the game, tying up the game at six rounds each, forcing the game into overtime. Despite their valiant efforts, Elevate would drop this first game 8-6 and would look to regain some momentum heading into game number 2.

Game 2 would take place on Kafe, and started very similar to game 1, with the first couple of rounds being a back and forth struggle for both teams. It would be the Pittsburgh Knights getting the better of this exchange, breaking the tie and emerging victorious 7-2, winning both the game and taking the set sweep. The team kept its head high in the post-game interview, with Raine “DGTL” Wright stating “This is just a bump in the road, we know the issues that we have, we know what they are, they’re easy fixes, it’s just up to us to fix it,”.

This 2-0 defeat moves Elevate down in the standings to fifth place as a result of a tie-breaker between them and Okami, who have currently played one less set than the boys in red. With two sets left to go for Elevate, they will be looking to get back to their winning ways and make the top four cut-offs to advance to the play-off qualifiers. Elevate’s next set will come against the first place Wildcard Gaming, taking place on June 3rd, and will be a crucial match in determining the final standings.
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