Top 5 Halo: Reach Montages

by Team Elevate | December 13, 2019

Hello, Gamers! Welcome back to Halo: Reach. Crazy how things come back for a second round. Us Halo players always come back for a second round. We get beat until we are the ones winning. But this isn’t about winning, this is about what Halo: Reach already has pushed out. This article is about my Top 5 MLG Montages of Halo: Reach.
Ninja’s Halo Reach Montage By CJ
Skeptical what are doing son! We all remember when Ninja was one of the superstars early on in Halo: Reach, I mean look at him now! He is the man as you can see. This montage has all the feels, great editing and classic Halo 2- Halo 3 Montage song and style. A shorter montage than the rest but by far one of the best!
Turning Point - Mikwen and Ninja Montage By CJ & Muggsy
These two players you didn’t want to play against because you knew if they got sniper you were going to be featured in this montage. Players like Mikwen and Ninja are just walking highlight reels on the sticks. In any game, they play they can hit the most insane shots. This montage was one of my favorites, with live film, insane headshot’s, rock music, featuring tons of pro players, and trash talk!
Lethul & Formal | The Avengers: A Halo Reach Montage By Muggsy
This one is a very long project, these two players were by far in the Top 5 Halo: Reach players alone. They played so much Halo, this is where both of them got their footing in the pro scene and ran with it, with multiple championships wins for both players, now one running the CoD Scene and the other running the Halo scene. You will see something I love, live footage from events. You will get to see Lethul putting an end to the GodSquads streak. Formal forming a Dynasty under the name Dynasty. All around fantastic montage from these players. There's a reason they were one of the best, so check this one out!
Str8 Sick and Prototype Halo Reach montage Edited by whaTime
I now have high expectations on Halo: Reach montages. This montage is roughly around 9 Minutes long and let's just say. Wow! One thing I love in a montage is when they take film from the events itself! These two players were out of this world, they played on Fnatic. This editing by whatTime was outstanding and the songs used put me back in time. This has to be my favorite one to watch.
The God Squad Columbus 2011 Main stage Montage Edited By RiOTT
This is not a normal montage, I chose this as my number one because it truly brought me back to Reach. Very light editing with this, soothing music, all live footage on the main stage with famous Chris Puckett, joining him former Pro Players Ghandi and Shockwave commentating through the event and the duration of this montage.
There will one day be another squad that dominates this game, if you can remember Reach, you can remember The GodSquad. This team destroyed every team, I remember at one point everyone was playing for second place. Roster swapping happened after every event, everyone trying to beat this team. Instinct was the team to beat. This was the event they formed together, creating an unstoppable force. Remember Reach.