• Trent “Worthy” Mitchell-Rose

    Trent “Worthy” Mitchell-Rose is the current Flex and Entry player for the team. Trent started playing Rainbow Six back in 2018 when he and a few friends set up a team. Trent made the switch to Rainbow Six after becoming bored of playing Destiny competitively. Trent has multiple accomplishments to his name including a 1st place finish in Challenger League 2019, Season 10 and attending the Rainbow Six Master LAN in Melbourne. Outside of gaming, Trent is a fan of football and Lorde.

  • Isaiah “VAST” Patterson

    Isaiah “VAST” Patterson started playing Rainbow Six competitively back in 2017 and has been with some of the other guys for two and a half years. Isaiah has played multiple roles on the team, but has mainly been the in-game leader for the team. Isaiah actually played club soccer at a high level before starting his esports career and has heaps of experience with other gaming titles like Halo and Battlefield. Isaiah boasts a load of accomplishments, some being a 2nd place finish at Paris Major Qualifiers and has attended the Six Masters LAN in Melbourne. Outside of Rainbow Six, Isaiah enjoys going to the gym, catching up with friends and going on hikes.

  • Jake “GodLegion” Harris

    Jake “GodLegion” Harris started playing Rainbow Six competitively back in 2017 alongside VAST. He is the team's main entry fragger and started playing games back on the PS3 as a kid. Jake finished 3rd during Season 10 Pro League and finished 4th at 8 and 9 ANZ PL amongst other accomplishments in Rainbow Six. Outside of gaming, Jake enjoys cracking open a cold one with the boys and watching anime.

  • Joe "Hotshot" Deane

    Joe "Hotshot" Deane started playing Rainbow Six back upon the games initial launch back in 2015 on Playstation 4. Joe remained loyal to the brand until March 2019 when he switched to PC and started pursing competitive. Joe serves as one of the team IGL (in-game leader) as well as adding a fresh new set of eyes to the team.

  • Raine "Dgtl" Wright

    Raine “Dgtl” Wright is the current IGL and Support player for the team and started playing Rainbow Six back on the beta in 2014. Raine started to play competitive Rainbow Six after giving up football and made the switch to PC to do so. He has a lot of experience within the scene and his biggest achievement as a player, was when he reached the Oceanic Cup LAN alongside his other teammates, becoming the first fully U18’s team to attend and play at a Ubisoft LAN. Aside from gaming, Raine enjoys the occasional night out with the lads and ladies and watching and playing AFL.