• Tyler "Spartan" Ganza

    Tyler "Spartan" Ganza is in his second stint with Elevate after playing under the organization in 2014-15. Spartan has finished top 8 in a Gears of War event and also was voted the Halo 2: Anniversary Breakout Player (over ContrA and Randa) by the competitive Halo community.


    4th place finish at Halo Worlds 2018

    2nd place finish at Dreamhack: Denver 2017

  • Michael "Falcated" Garcia

    Michael "Falcated" Garcia is an American player for Oceanic Squad. He is well known for his time with Splyce and Evil Geniuses. Falcated emerged onto the scene in late 2015, during the qualifying stages for the HWC NA Regional Finals. Falcated and his duo Shottzy were undefeated in 2v2s throughout Halo 2: Anniversary only losing one match on record to Spartan and Ninja.


    5th place finish at Halo Worlds 2017

    3rd place finish at HCS Las Vegas 2016

  • Visal "El Town" Mohanan

    Visal "eL TowN" Mohanan is a seasoned veteran in the Halo scene with his first event coming back at MLG Meadowlands 2018 when he was a member of Under the Pressure. His gamertag is derived from his hometown of Elmont and his favorite hobby is running. In the past, he has run sub-4:30 single miles and sub-9:30 double miles.


    2nd place finish at Halo Worlds 2016

    X-Games bronze medalist

  • Casey "Strobe" Hebert

    Casey "Strobe" Herbert is the current coach of #ElevateHalo. He also has spent time as the coach/manager of Allegiance and Renegades.