About us

“Talent makes good players. Hard work makes champions.”

Elevate was founded in 2014 by a group of competitors who wanted to create a powerhouse esports organization. What started as a group of friends saving money to send teams to LAN events, turned into an international business with multiple championship teams and over 2-million dollars in prize winnings. Elevate has shown results with Championship rosters in games such as Call of Duty, Rainbow Six, Paladins, World of Tanks, H1Z1, and more.

Elevate’s growth is completely organic within the esports industry and has been built solely by our fanbase. We are one of the last remaining organizations of its size who operates independently. Our hash tag of #RedRebellion stands true to who we are. We are rebels. We have had to fight for every single thing we have earned. This has resulted in a strong cult-like fan base and an even better legacy.

Elevate’s mission is to lead and innovate in player management, relationships with sponsors and partners, and to set a standard for professionalism in one of the largest-growing industries in the world.


  • Justin Tan

    Chief Executive Officer || Owner

  • Devan Sparks

    Creative Director

  • Aden Frosch

    Operations Director


  • Louis Koob

    Thumbnail Lead

  • Casbin

    Video Editor

  • Ayer

    3D Artist

  • Adam Lee

    Social Media Manager