G-FUEL is an energy drink manufacturer that has been providing high-quality products to athletes, eSports professionals, and others to help maintain an active lifestyle. Elevate encourages fans and gamers to check out www.gfuel.com for more information on their product line. Whether you’re gaming, working on a computer all day, running a marathon, or simply need a boost, fuel up with G-Fuel! Discount code: ELEVATE (10% Discount)

Victrix is a San Diego based engineering and design company that set out in 2015 to create the best in class equipment for esports pros, streamers and core gamers. Years of design and development efforts from our team of gamers, makers, designers and engineers aims to disrupt gaming hardware category by introducing meaningful technological innovation encased in elegantly designed products.

GT THRONE is the first and only gaming chair that uses patented technology to incorporate dynamic vibration into your gameplay. Yesterday you could only see the game, but now you can feel it to give you the ultimate edge against your competitors.

EGL designs and develops industry-leading lifestyle apparel and accessories for the world's most prestigious gamers and content creators.

Redefining the standard of professional game controllers, Cinch Gaming is a leader in providing the best gaming experience to both professional and casual gamers alike. Pushing the envelope of innovation and technology, Cinch offers unparalleled customization options, premium ergonomic tournament buttons, patent pending full range internal trigger stop adjustment, rubberized grip, and four-button remapping technology. With unrivaled customer service and support, it’s easy to see why gamers around the world are Making it a Cinch.

Ember Webs is a leading developer of custom websites for eCommerce and eSports organizations of all sizes. Their team of innovative designers and developers work closely with you to create a website that will elevate your brand to the next level.